About Us

Who are The Mold Removers?

The Mold Removers, LLC. is a national mold removal and remediation services firm specializing in the testing and remediation of mold, allergen, and indoor air quality issues.  We offer many services to residential, commercial, and government entities as well as specializing in the areas of REO and real estate related projects.  Our headquarters are located in Indianapolis, IN.  Our testing and remediation teams are the most talented environmental professionals in the industry whose knowledge and experience allows them to diagnose and address many mold and allergen related air quality problems.

Why use The Mold Removers?

We are Educated, Certified, Reliable, Bonded and Insured. The mold removal and remediation industry is largely unregulated, however we feel it is important to adhere to the same level of accountability as other service industries.  For that reason, we are bonded and insured in addition to continually seeking knowledge and certifications.  We have been in the air quality business for over 20 years and have been specializing in mold removal and remediation for the past five years.

Our staff are educated and professional.  We take great pride in solving your mold or air quality issue and are dedicated to leaving a great impression.

We exist to Meet Your Needs—If a customer or agent calls us, we know the reason.  You have mold or an air quality issue that needs addressed.  We exist to meet your needs, to fix your problem, or to find a solution.  It is our desire to do all that we can to ensure a better living or working environment free from molds or allergens.

If you have further questions regarding our business, practices, services, or anything to do with The Mold Removers, LLC. please feel free to contact us.