We offer complete mold testing and remediation services.

We will find the source of the wetness and, if our insurance allows, will correct the water source. Our equipment will maintain negative pressure in the work area to keep from spreading the mold spores throughout the remaining interior environment.

We will test the air quality after the job is completed to insure that the air does not pose a health risk.


Homes and places of business are susceptible to a myriad of conditions that can lead to uhealthy air quality.  Inadequate ventilation, water damage, leaks, and disrepair are just a few of the most common problems that we discover during our visual inspection process.  If these issues are left alone, they will may eventually cause irreparable damage.  However, with a quick visual inspection we are able to assess the need for further testing, possible repair, and remediation.

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After a short phone consultation and visual inspection we may recommend further testing to determine what molds, allergens, or bacteria may be present in your home or office.  This process of sampling and testing will give us further insight into the types and methods of treatments that will be needed to fully remediate your space.

Our testing is scientific, accurate, and carefully analyzed, allowing greater understanding of the various contaminants and the levels at which they are present.

Clean-up & Remediation:

When your home or office testing results are finalized, we will communicate to you the best options for remediation and clean-up.  Many times a simple tear-out is the best approach, but we are also able to use new industry technologies such as air scrubbers and purification systems to further treat and remediate the space.

Some people think that the only way to completely remediate a home or office is to completely gut the building, spray bleach, and dry it out.  Though those are great options and are widely used, there is much more to the clean-up and remediation process than spraying some bleach and waiting.

The Mold Removers specialize in mold removal and remediation, though anyone can gut a building, we have the knowledge and ability to save money and lessen the overall expense.

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